Repetition doesn’t guarantee improvement.

We like to have routines, at least part of the time. It’s easy and soothing to do something without having to think about it much. And in many cases, this is helpful. Daily exercise, regular toothbrushing, laundry day, spiritual focus time, and regular calls to loved ones all help us stay healthy and in good relation to life.

Repeating a physical or mental effort can also lead to improved skill levels. Often the more we do something, the easier it becomes.

But sometimes we do things because we’ve always done them that way. The actions may or may not be beneficial but somehow a routine formed, and we continue it unthinkingly. Even when the behavior cases to be effective and may possibly veer into being harmful, we may persist with it because it has become habitual.

Today’s message suggests, with the coming New Year, that I review my repetitive thoughts and actions to see what serves me and what doesn’t. I curate my thoughts and deeds to consciously create a good life for myself.

Please reflect and share. Do you have habits that could be released?