Love comes in many disguises.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Some forms of love are easy to recognize in our lives. Physical affection, kind words, and caring actions are all appreciated and identifiable as based in love. Other things seem hard to equate with love—harsh words or actions, being ignored or taken for granted, not having our needs met.

When we’re on the receiving end of such behavior, we usually don’t see any love at the personal level. If we’re feeling especially compassionate, we may recognize that the individual mistreating us suffers from their own lack of love and is merely passing it on.

It takes a large perceptual stretch to see that everything is rooted in divine love, even painful experiences. But all that occurs is in some way for our benefit, whether or not it is readily apparent.

Today’s message advises me to look for the underlying love in any situation. When I am more focused on the gift rather than the pain of a difficult situation or interaction, I will benefit from it more easily. Love expresses itself in many various ways in my life, always to enrich me.

How about you? Do you recognize unusual forms of love in your life?