Present good is enough.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

When something, anything is going well, it can be hard for us to stay focused on that. Our thoughts can drift to what could go wrong. That leaves us waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of enjoying what is.

When we borrow trouble with imagined issues, we rob the current moment of its pleasure. We also increase the likelihood that the posited problems will occur, because we’re devoting our thoughts and energy to them. If instead we focus on being appreciative of the present good, we signal Creation we’d like more of the same, please, through our gratitude.

Today’s message reminds me to enthusiastically savor whatever is going well in the moment. When my life is a string of happy moments, I experience a wonderful existence. I’m grateful for this pleasurable now!

How about you? Do you keep your attention in the moment?