Permanence doesn’t exist.

It’s often said that only death and taxes are certain. While both may seem inevitable, people have near death experiences and are resuscitated and tax law loopholes allow billionaires to avoid paying income tax. Nothing is always or never true.

The exception is divine Creation, and even that is ever changing. The conscious love underlying all existence continuously expresses itself in in new and interesting ways.

We may long for permanence to help ourselves feel safe. A sense of belonging in a static and desirable way of being can seem comforting, a salve to the seeming loneliness and uncertainty of existence.

When we expand our perception to our place in divine interconnection, we understand we are always supported and never alone, but are also ever evolving.

Today’s message invites me to find comfort in impermanence. In a continuously changing world, I have second (and third and fourth, etc.) chances. I have myriad possibilities, and I will never be bored. The constant alteration of life is a gift for me.

How about you? Do you long for permanence?