Patience pays off in the long run.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Some of us are essentially patient people. Others, like me, are not. For those of us who are impatient, waiting can sometimes feel emotionally painful. We want to finish others’ sentences, take over tasks others fumble, see immediate results for our effort, or have things work our our way—right now!

However, the quick result is not always the best result. Other folks motivate and process at their own pace, and urging them along won’t necessarily generate a better outcome. When things seem to be moving slowly it is often for a good reason, even if we can’t perceive what that reason might be.

Today’s message reminds me that my timing and divine timing aren’t always the same. To be patient, I must be willing to give up control. Patience implies trust. When I exercise patience, I allow creation to be in charge.

How about you? Are you a naturally patient person?