Abundance is not scheduled.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We all like having plenty, whether it’s sustenance, money, friends, loved ones, belongings, or enjoyable experiences. Many of us spend more time than we’d like worrying about whether we’ll have enough. We can try to plan our lives to ensure stability, but circumstances are ever changing. It would be so convenient if the things we want arrived timely and consistently.

In divine truth, abundance arises from within us. Everything in life is a form of abundance. Sickness, health, other beings, the natural world, man-made things, death, birth—everything that is is part of the bounty of creation, and there is value in it for us if we are willing to receive it as such.

We generate abundance by our perception of what is. Gratitude creates our sense of plenty and attracts more of what we appreciate.

Today’s message is courtesy of my passed cat Shaman, who knew how to savor life’s sweetness. He reminds me that even when his breakfast was a bit late on weekends, he never doubted it would arrive. His trust in the bounty of life made him feel wealthy and safe.

Shaman hints that I could benefit from a similar attitude. When I’m confident creation will provide, I open myself to expanded possibilities. My mindset dictates what I allow myself and how I view what I have. My abundance is an inside job.

How about you? What is your relationship to abundance.