Our actions reveal our values.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Mostly we do things based on what we feel, think, and believe. We may occasionally feel compelled to behave in in uncharacteristic ways. But much of the time our deeds reflect our conscious and unconscious motivations.

Many of us are predictable. Other folks may be able to foresee what we may do in a given situation. Yet sometimes our reactions surprise them and possibly even us. That’s when we hold subconscious beliefs and memories which can be triggered by current events.

Today’s message suggests that if I behave in ways bewildering to me, I will want to examine my hidden belief systems. My subconscious priorities might not be what I think they are. If I trip myself up with unexpected behavior, I can choose different values and beliefs more consistent with how I wish to be.

How about you? Do you ever surprise yourself?