Options in life teach us who we are.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We continually are presented with choices in life. Even if we feel backed into a corner by a situation, we still can choose how we react. So we’re always sorting through alternatives and selecting one thing over another.

While this process can be tiring, it’s nice to have options. It also serves as a way we can learn more about ourselves. The choices we make reflect our beliefs, values, and motivations—the things that define who we are.

Today’s message suggests I can know myself more fully through the choices I make. In viewing my decisions, I may recognize a pattern unique to me, allowing me to strengthen desired traits and heal old wounds. The options I attract also speak to my conscious and unconscious manifestation processes. With each choice I can know myself better and refine what I elect to invite into my life.

How about you? What do your choices say about you?