Notes from the awareness: 472

Satisfaction is an acquired taste.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

For most of us, the feeling of satisfaction is conditional. We feel good when and if something desired occurs. This causal link between condition and pleasure means that our happiness depends on outside circumstances.

When our basis for happiness resides outside of us and possibly beyond our control, there’s a good chance we may not feel satisfied with life. Learning to feel grateful for small everyday things, we are more likely to be pleased with existence as it is. By setting the bar lower and choosing to decouple our happiness from conditions, we acquire the ability to be satisfied in the moment.

Today’s message asks me to strengthen my satisfaction muscle. The more I consciously practice being content with what I have and what is, the more pleasure I will take in life. I am acquiring the ability to enjoy the moment.

How about you? When do you feel satisfied?