Make time for love.

We all understand that love is important. We get that love in all its forms—for a romantic partner; for family; for friends; for the divine; for self; for a profession, hobby, or craft; for life itself—is the basis for a fulfilling existence. And yet deepening and furthering our ability to love usually isn’t high on our priority list.

We get caught up in accomplishing the things we think we should do and in chasing the things we believe we want. This busyness distracts us from appreciating what we have and experience right now and replaces love with duty and want.

We forget that divine conscious love is the basis for all existence. Somehow we end up believing that our lives will be better if we strive to be less than divine.

Today’s message reminds me that actively engaging in love in its many forms is my purpose for being. Love in its myriad expressions—passion, gratitude, kindness, cheerfulness, exuberance, compassion, self care—should be my daily practice. Loving all creation aligns me with the divine.

How about you? How do you make time for love in your life?