Peace endures.

Conflict seems to be part of the human condition. We’re frequently at odds—with ourselves, with other people, with society and current events, and sometimes even with the divine. Although we may try our best to be calm and serene, peace can feel like a fleeting state.

And this is where we get confused. Divine peace always exists. It is the natural state of consciously interconnected creation. However, issue is that our often turbulent thoughts and emotions prevent us from recognizing its ominpresence.

We’re not required to struggle to find inner peace. It is already there waiting for us, but masked by our disquiet. We can simply allow ourselves to recognize it rather than seeking it out.

Today’s message asks me to see the inherent peace in everyday situations. Experiencing this grace, I can magnify its effects on me by consciously radiating it. I AM divine peace and love.

How about you? How do you connect with peace?