Duty doesn’t obligate dysfunction.

Often, we may feel we have to do things we’d rather not do. We may feel obligated to do so because of our relationship with another—family member, friend, partner, boss, coworker.

Because the other has expectations of us, we may end up putting their needs first, possibly resulting in a mess of unhealthy emotions and interactions on all our parts. Our sense of duty can embroil us in dysfunction.

If we don’t feel good about our contribution, the outcome likely won’t feel satisfying to the individual to whom we feel obligated. The end result is at least two unhappy people and possibly more—us and the recipient of our sacrifice at the very least.

Today’s message advises me to consider skipping activities I perform sheerly out of a sense of duty. I choose to be involved in situations that lift me and other people up.

Please reflect and share. How often do you do things solely out of a sense of duty?