Blessings rather than profit.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We tend to think of living the good life as meaning having lots of money. When we say someone is doing well for themselves, we’re usually referring to their finances. In our customary way of thinking, prosperous equals wealthy.

And yet, abundance is about so much more than money. We can be abundant in good health, in friendships, in opportunities, in experiences, in food and drink, in shelter, in life lessons. When we expand our definition of doing well in this way, we can see that it means being blessed by creation. And gratitude is the best way to build our awareness of all the blessings in and around us.

Today’s message draws my attention to the many good things in my life. Looked at dispassionately, every single thing in my life is for my benefit in some way. Life itself is a blessing. I am grace to have all I need in life and a good bit more!

How about you? What does abundance mean to you?