Joy arises from both the expected and unexpected.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We’re all familiar with the happiness pleasant aha moments bring—a succulent and tasty new dish, a surprise sighting of a rare bird or butterfly, hearing an inspiring piece of music for the first time, a stimulating conversation with someone previously unknown to us. The novelty and pleasure combine to generate a joyous experience we hadn’t anticipated.

We can also find joy in the routine—a first cup of coffee in early morning silence, waking or falling asleep with the face of our beloved next to us, being greeted at the door enthusiastically by our child or pet, watching a colorful sunrise or sunset. Common occurrences of pleasurable things still can spark joy in us even when they are expected. In fact, our anticipation may make the experiences even sweeter.

Today’s message advises me there is always something going on that can spur happiness in me. When I am on the lookout for the beautiful, the enjoyable, and the mystical, I will be sure to find it. Whether it is the routine joy of a nice hot shower or the surprise pleasure of an unexpected blessing, I will experience more happy moments when I am primed to notice them. Anticipating good things in life, I will find them to be sweet and satisfying.