Miracles are sometimes gradual.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We’ve all experienced sudden, unexplained positive events. They drop on us unexpectedly and leave us happy, grateful, and perhaps a bit puzzled.

These unanticipated blessings surprise us because of their rapid manifestation. Quick remission of an illness, a much-needed financial windfall, turnaround of a troubled relationship, a fortuitous convergence of events to allow the seemingly impossible to occur—these are examples of what we might consider to be miracles.

However, we might not readily notice the miraculous nature of the identical outcomes when they occur over time. Yet, unexpected improvements are still significant shifts even when then don’t happen all at once. They are merely time-release miracles.

Today’s message reminds me that wondrous things occur around and in me all the time, whether rapidly apparent or slowly evolving. When I’m observant, I will more easily notice the marvelous in everyday life. I can take just as much pleasure in the sudden miracles as the slowly percolating ones.

How about you? How do you recognize miracles in your life?