Sometimes we need to step back and let the world take care of itself.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all occasionally struggle with seeing difficult situations we can’t do anything to improve. The problem may be happening at a distance, the folks involved may not want help, or we may not have the time or resources to take on the issue. We feel torn between what we wish we could and what we are able to do.

It can seem heartbreaking to sit back and watch a painful scenario while taking no action. But we may be forgetting the power of visualization and intention. Thought makes reality gel and we can use thought mojo to benefit the issue. By well wishing, prayer, or picturing a beneficial outcome, we can offer energetic support. Troubled individuals may find their way to a healthier space more easily when we don’t focus on them being broken. Bad situations can rectify more readily when we don’t dwell on their unfairness or ugliness.

We can also trust in the ability of creation to balance itself. By believing in the essential benevolence of life—there is a gift and purpose in every occurrence, whether or not we recognize or understand it—we acknowledge there is a reason for everything and have confidence a good outcome can occur without our active intervention.

Today’s message advises me there is a time to be hands-on and to be hands-off. When faced with a challenging situation I feel I don’t have the wherewithal to help correct, I can well wish it and trust creation will find a way to resolve it. If I am supposed to act directly, I can trust I will be shown unequivocally what I’m supposed to do. I don’t need to personally fix everything.

How about you? How do you know when to act and when to step back?