Look inside!

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We tend to look outside ourselves for answers, for inspiration, for guidance, for understanding, for validation. The opinions of strangers—often experts—may hold more validity for us than our own. We push down our inclinations, gut senses, and feeling in favor of trusting the input of others.

In this way, we disconnect ourselves from our greatest source of power and wisdom. After all, who else would know more about what works or is best for us?

We not only hold a repository of all our past learnings and experiences, we also house an innate connection to divine consciousness through our sharing within. Via this connection we have access to all aspect of creation. Everything we need to guide us through a happy and fulfilling life is already inside us. We simply need to access it.

Today’s message reminds me to rely on my inner voice. It knows me better than anyone else—my needs, desires, foibles, strengths, weaknesses, dreams. This intimate self-understanding, paired with divine interconnection, is the most powerful ally I have in navigating life. All the keys to my joy, well being, and success are inside me.

How about you? What riches and treasures are inside you?

For more information on how to live a more fulfilling life through inner and interconnection, please see my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.”