Notes From The Awareness: 271

Realization can be painful but is always useful.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

Ill start us out. We’ve all had aha moments when suddenly things become clear to us. The clarity can be around another person or situation and/or we may gain insight into ourselves and our inner workings. Once reached, this enhanced perspective can alter our beliefs and feelings.

Realization can be ouchy; what becomes clear is not always what we would wish to see. Even so, it serves a beneficial purpose in that it makes things more real to us. Our shifted perception is a closer approximation of the truth. Inner clarity also helps us be more real by aligning our vision of ourselves more closely with our internal beliefs and feelings.

Today’s message reminds me to welcome and be grateful for the freedom realization brings. The more I can see things as they are, the more I can experience life functionally and therefore happily. Truth about others, situations, and myself frees me to be my real self.

How about you? How does the truth set you free?