Notes From The Awareness: 268

True happiness depends on no conditions.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. The winter holidays are usually thought of as a glad time. Snow (in temperate climes), decorations, presents, special music, feasts, fellowship—all of these are seen as joyful experiences. Yet for some of us this isn’t quite true. We may feel sad, empty, depressed, lonely and/or exhausted. This year, the effect may be magnified due to to COVID-19 changes in our lives.

We see happiness as an if/then proposition. If X is true, we will be happy. If X isn’t true, we won’t. The problem with this is that we may view our happiness as conditional on circumstances outside of our control. We also are waiting, waiting for a condition to be fulfilled so we can be happy. That pretty much squelches our ability to be happy in the moment and leaves us powerless to generate our own happiness.

Today’s message, again courtesy of my passed cat Jasper, reminds me that true happiness is grounded in my existence as part of divinely interconnected creation. Isn’t it a sweet setup, to be part of a network of conscious, divine love, able to tap into the unlimited potential of the whole for my personal enjoyment? The banquet of life holds abundant magic to have me rejoicing in any give moment. I need simply to remember how blessed I am to be seated at the table.

How about you? What about sheer existence brings you joy?