Notes From The Awareness: 267

Give yourself the gift of peace.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’ve struggled in this year of 2020. We’ve been beset with illness, at odds with each other, missing contact with each other, wrestling with new financial realities, and alarmed at inequities between us.

All of our anxieties and difficulties can seem to magnify during the holiday season. We have expectations around what our holidays are supposed to be like, and the reality this year hasn’t even been close.

Today’s message reminds me that I can create my own inner peace. I can choose how I receive/perceive what this holiday season brings, and what life holds for me every other day, as well.

I can be grateful to be alive. I can feel thanks for having healthy family members. I can appreciate that I have a roof over my head and adequate food and drink. I can savor interactions with loved ones, even if they are electronic and not in person.

There is much to be grateful for. I can give myself the gift of letting this be enough and fully enjoying what I do have. When I cease to struggle with my expectations, I find peace.

How about you? What brings you peace this holiday season?