Notes From The Furlough: Day 79

Impetus is part of the rhythm of transition; so is rest.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. COVID-19 and its effects have put many of our lifestyles in disarray. Our social lives have been disrupted, we may be unemployed, and most of us have more unscheduled free time than we’re accustomed to. We want to capitalize on our unstructured time, to make it count, to help move ourselves forward. It’s a healthy tendency, to lean into change willingly, rather than have it drag us reluctantly along. And we certainly don’t want to bypass opportunities, lost in the land of social media and binge watching. There is a healthy rhythm to forward momentum, but we sometimes forget it involves pauses.

Today’s message reminds me of the need to reflect and take stock. One of the silver linings to the corona virus cloud was an associated slowdown and simplification of my daily life. It forced to to review and evaluate, providing the opportunity to alter and refine my choices. My life is proceeding in a new way—much of the growth occurring on the inside—and I’m grateful for the COVID-19 impetus. I need to remember, however, to periodically rest, assess, and re-calibrate. I don’t need to schedule this necessary downtime, but can simply note and honor any natural tendency to slow down. It’s my body’s and subconscious minds’s reminder that rest nourishes and inspires.

How about you? How do you balance achievement and rest?