Beaming out holiday light

Allowing yourself time to dream involves disengaging from your current reality matrix. Consider a more permanent unmooring of perceptual faculties. Existing in unlimited possibility turns on the beacon of your light house.


This time of year, we all seem to be very busy. We’re preparing for the holidays—shopping, planning, attending parties, shopping some more, cleaning, and cooking. We’re in a breathless whirl of activity, dashing from one thing to the next without rest, and often without thought.

Caught up in a vortex of busyness, we feed the madness by feeling stressed over the nonstop goings-on. The more we fret, the busier we seem to get. Our expectations of ourselves and others are high, and the more we are disappointed, the more we strive to do, be, and get.

The last thing we believe we have time to do is to slow down. Yet that is the one choice that will free us from our self-induced holiday insanity. When we get off the hamster wheel of activity, we change our perspective—our reality matrix.

One of the most pleasant and fruitful ways to alter our perceptions is by dreaming. Whether consciously participating in night-time dreams while getting some much needed rest, or day-dreaming or visualizing while at waking rest, we open ourselves—at least temporarily—to the endless possibilities of all creation (the sharing).

When we are calm, happy, and relaxed, it is easier to attract desired things and outcomes to ourselves. Our joy and gratitude are natural magnets for more of the same. When we shift gears into the contemplative, even temporarily, it is easier for the universe to present us with our desires and we are more likely to appreciate what we do have in the present moment.

Learning to be still, joyful, and grateful is the most precious gift we can give ourselves and the rest of the world. Our quiet and happiness is a magical balm that transforms the experience of life. It shines forth from us like a beacon saying, “Love and happiness abide here.”

When we make conscious space in our lives for dreaming and contemplation, everything changes. The more we find peace and joy in going within, the more we want to repeat the feeling. Gradually—bit by bit—we alter our approach to life, which radically transforms what we experience. Slowing down to dream and savor life creates a fundamental shift in how we live our lives and relate to others. It makes us happier and more pleasant to be around, and it inspires others to ease up too.

Let’s spend a few minutes in conscious connection with the spark of divinity inside of us—our sharing within—to practice slowing down. We’ll begin by easing our breath, letting it become slow, deep, and even. As we do so, we’ll feel warmth and happiness build in the center of our chest as we picture a glowing ball of golden light there.

The sphere of light is charged with infinite joy, love, and wisdom, and every breath we take in feeds the light, making it strong and bright. Every exhalation spreads the peace and happiness we feel throughout our entire body, and shines those feelings forth into our environment. Breathing in, we acknowledge our connection to the divine loving consciousness. Breathing out, we bless ourselves and all creation with our shared light.

Now we’ll think—just for a few seconds—of all the things we think we should be doing instead of relaxing. Shopping? Is that more important than feeling loving and loved? Nope. We’ll exhale golden light into the concept of shopping and just let it go.

Our friends will enjoy us more if we’re happy and relaxed in a lived-in environment than they will if we’re tense in a spotless home. Cleaning is less important than love, too. We’ll breathe golden light into the idea of housework and release our expectations of an immaculate house for the holidays.

One by one, we’ll breathe golden light into each item on our self-imposed to-do list and watch it evaporate. We’ll pare our list down until all that is left is activities we enjoy—parties, visits with family, preparing a festive meal—and we’ll feel gratitude for those opportunities.

Now we’ll take one final deep breath and let even those activities disappear from our awareness and we settle into feeling the ease and happiness of the moment. We are joined to all creation in conscious love and in the now all is exquisite and without flaw. We and all of the sharing are perfect, exactly as we are.

Our breath in and out is conscious confirmation of this truth. In this moment all is beautiful, infinite potential. The conscious love that unites existence creates all magic and wonder. It is the stuff of which dreams are made. We simply have to slow down and recognize it.  Right now, we breathe and feel the joy of being who we are in this moment.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how might you slow down to enjoy the holiday season? Please share…