Walk away from dismay.

Life regularly surprises us. Sometimes the surprises aren’t happy ones. We don’t always have things play out as we might wish.

Consternation can be our first, and sometimes ongoing, reaction to unwanted events. Shock and fear in the face of unpleasant surprises can keep us immobilized in reaction.

Unless the issue is one of physical safety, we likely have time to choose our response. Rather than being gob smacked into inertia or resistance by what has occurred, we can choose to give ourselves time and space to figure things out. We can simply walk away, either physically or metaphorically.

Today’s message suggests that I might wish to simply not react in the face of difficult circumstances. By allowing myself the contemplation and recombobulation I need to deal with problems well, I find greater peace and effectiveness.

Please reflect and share. What situation might you best walk away from, at least temporarily?