Doodle U

When you doodle, your inner creativity comes out into form on paper. Try doodling life.


Most of us have some idea of what we want out of life. Many of us have a plan for how to achieve our dreams. We don’t always succeed, and sometimes life seems to get in the way. Usually that spurs us to try harder to make things happen. We get intensely focused on actions we feel we need to take and people and events we desire to set straight. We’re left-brain focused and very logical about pursuing what we want.

We forget, in all that striving, that what we want started out as a dream. It arose from our lyrical, poetic, inner space, a vision of happiness and satisfaction. As soon as it made itself known, we began to manage it. We pushed it and coaxed it into the shape of something that could be tangible in third-dimensional reality. Our right brain served us up a beautiful fantasy and we dumbed it down into a goal, so we could judge and evaluate our progress. In doing so, we sucked most of the joy out of our wonderful vision.

Hilarion offers the analogy of a doodle, in recommending a more creative life approach. When we doodle, we begin to sketch randomly. Our inner vision simply takes charge of our hand and the lines on the paper almost seem to draw themselves. We’re engaged with our drawing, but not overly so. We don’t have a firm expectation of how it will turn out or how long it will take to complete. We simply keep sketching, in a relaxed way, until what we have on paper represents how we feel.

We’re not fussed about the outcome. If our doodle isn’t what we want, we simply start another. There is no expectation or pressure. We just draw to set free what is inside of us, and we enjoy the process ongoing. There is no end goal, only the satisfaction of expression.

When we doodle life, we think and act in a way that sets free our inner truth and vision. We’re less concerned about achieving set goals, and more intent on expressing our true nature in how we experience life. We ourselves are a creative process, and we don’t limit or overly define ourselves. We allow ourselves to evolve as it suits us. We have fun discovering who we are and sharing ourselves with the world.

Let’s spend a few minutes with the seed of divine consciousness within us, to explore this free and easy way of being. We’ll start with the rhythm of our breath, inhaling and exhaling gently as we picture divine, creative light—our sharing within—as a ball of golden light in the center of our heart region. The light holds divine knowingness and infinite potential, the very core of who we are.

Inhaling, the light grows strong and bright. Exhaling, the light flows out through and around us to bless us and our surroundings. We’ll continue breathing the golden light in and out until we feel peaceful, easy, and centered—in touch with our sharing within.

We’ll think of one thing we’ve always longed to do, but never attempted because we thought it wasn’t possible, practical, sensible, affordable, etc. This will be something our soul longs for but our mind has deemed infeasible. We’ll breathe golden light into that dream and let our breath brush away all the judgment and nay saying we’ve attached to it. For a few breaths, we’ll allow ourselves the joy of experiencing that dream as if it were real right here and now.

Now we will think of one way—however small—that we could live a portion of that dream today. This is the beginning line of our life doodle. Each day going forward, we will spend a little time with our dream, either taking a small action or simply thinking about and enjoying the dream. In this way, we will keep sketching our vision. It doesn’t matter what lines we draw (or what actions we take) in which order. It merely is important that we stay connected to our joy.

We will know when we’ve finished our life doodle, because we will feel compelled from within to start sketching something else. Our focus goes where our imagination leads us and the journey is beautiful, no matter the destination. We create life as we feel, and it is good.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how might you doodle yourself? Please share…