The power of not knowing

Don’t know what you want to do? Great! Superb! Now you are open to experience.


Most of us try to begin the New Year with goals or resolutions. We’re going to lose weight. We intend to spend more quality time with friends and family. We’ve vowed to exercise more. These are all noble aspirations, and many of us have a game plan for their achievement. We have a mental road map of how we intend to get from here to there. These are discrete, tangible goals and with time we’ll know whether we feel we’ve succeeded.

However, having cut-and-dried plans doesn’t leave much room for the power of serendipity—divine coincidence which expands us through seemingly happenstance occurrences. This power works best when we don’t know how to achieve something, and is ideal for discovering and exploring grand and unquantifiable things.

Let’s say we want to become more spiritually aware. We could set a goal of meditating fifteen minutes and day. We certainly would benefit from the regular habit, but regular scheduled meditation might or might not open us up spiritually in the optimal way. If we focus only on meditational practice, we’ve limited the ability of the sharing—shared divine loving consciousness—to present us with spiritual awakenings in unexpected and magical ways.

If a stronger nature connection, regular prayer, shamanism, or simply noting messages from the divine in everyday events potentially could deepen our spiritual awareness, we may miss those opportunities if we’ve solely concentrated on meditational practice. When we script our desired experience too tightly, we define our outcome in advance and eliminate wiggle room for the mysteries of creation.

Let’s spend a few minutes in conscious connection with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore how we might expand our experience by not knowing what to do. Letting our breath become slow, regular, and even, we will picture our sharing within as a globe of golden light in the middle of our chest.

Inhaling, we see the light grow strong, dense, and bright. Exhaling, we circulate the light throughout ourselves and our surroundings, blessing all it touches with conscious love. We’ll continue until we feel calm, steady, and certain—the hallmark of conscious connection with our sharing within.

We’ll think of one great desire we have, something that’s far-reaching and immeasurable. Perhaps we want to become spiritually wiser. Perhaps we want to deepen our compassion for others. Perhaps we want to develop a closer conscious relationship with the divine. Whatever it is, we’ll recognize it as something our soul desires.

We’ll breathe golden light from our heart into that desire and see it expand to fill our entire awareness. For a few moments, we will be aware only of the beauty and majesty of this conception. Then will ask for a clue—one word, image, or sound to set us on the path of happy discovery. Perhaps we’ll hear the word “bubble”. Perhaps we will see the color red. Perhaps we will hear the high ring of a chime. Whatever we receive, we can trust that it is perfect for us.

We will explore our clue a bit, knowing that our first expansion of awareness will come easily and naturally. Perhaps we are supposed to relax in a bubble bath and let our mind wander where it will. Perhaps we simply know we need to pay attention to the words of folks wearing red. Perhaps we’ll recognize that when our thoughts arise from divine truth, we’ll hear a chime in our head.

This is our first clue in a game of grand exploration. We can trust that more will be forthcoming, when we relax and allow them to find us. We are open to the mystery of experience, because we have no precise expectations. Let’s play!

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what unfathomable beauty do you wish to experience? Please share…