United we manifest

Believing something implies having a thought.  Trusting something implies having a feeling.


Uncertainty plagues most of us. There are some many things we find to worry about. Will our children grow up to be good people? Will our job be secure? Will we have enough money to pay bills this month? Will a troubled relationship improve?

The list could go on and on. We generally have more than enough to fret over. We somehow believe that if we could change our brains, we might not worry so much. If only we had better control of our thoughts, we might be happier.

Schooling our thoughts and beliefs is important. Our beliefs and their resultant thoughts generate the basis for our experience. Yet being careful about what we think is not enough. Our thoughts honor our logical side, but they do not engage our intuitive side. We must learn to respect our intuition and emotions, to enlist both sides of our nature. To engage both our logical and creative sides—left and right brain—we also need to strengthen our ability to feel as we choose.

Many of us are familiar with the power of positive thought, the art of visualization, and the idea that thoughts create our reality. We may not be as familiar with the concept that emotions create the character of our experience. Our predominant feelings determine the way in which we receive what life presents to us.

Thoughts are about what. Feelings are about how. We need both life-affirming thoughts and appreciative feelings to enjoy life to its fullest. When we unite our ability to think about what we want to manifest together with our ability to appreciate whatever we encounter, we engage both parts of our nature—logical and creative—in the joint task of creating and experiencing a beautiful and joyful life.

We need to both believe in and think about what we wish to experience and trust that whatever occurs is for our highest good. This is the path of balance, the way to honor both parts of our makeup.

Let’s spend a few moments with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore engaging our whole selves in creating a wondrous life. We will start with our breath, consciously slowing its pace and evening out its rhythm. As we do so, we will picture our sharing within as an orb of golden light in the middle of our chest. The light is formed of conscious love which is the basis for all creation.

Inhaling, we will see the light intensifying and growing brighter. Exhaling, we spread our loving light to fill ourselves and our surroundings. We’ll continue until we feel the calm, steadiness, and clarity of conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will picture an outcome we’d like to experience vividly, just the end result and not all the steps and particulars along the way. Perhaps we’d like to earn a college degree. Perhaps we want to vacation in Mexico. Perhaps we want to be in a loving relationship. Whatever our desire, we will just think clearly and vividly about having attained our goal. We will believe, without a doubt, that we will own this experience and think detailed thoughts the achieved reality.

We’ll also summon up intense gratitude for realizing our dream—warm, full, overwhelming thankfulness. We will let this feeling wash through us and spill out around us, carried on golden heart light. We will fill ourselves with gratitude here and now and then cast it out into the future, like a fishing line, seeing it connect us to our desired result.

We will combine the two, picturing our desired end result while being intensely thankful. We believe in the eventual reality of our dream, while trusting that we will be given all we need and plenty to appreciate along the way. What could be more wonderful?

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does it feel to both believe and trust? Please share…