Agree with yourself

When you are more fully in agreement in yourself, you experience more agreement in the world.


There seems to be so much conflict in the world. Global wars, political debates, social causes and agendas, workplace politics, family conflict—disagreement appears prevalent in all aspects of life. It feels like we can’t escape conflict.

In our third dimensional reality, we exist in a prevailing mindset of separation consciousness. We believe we are separate from the divine and from all other beings and things. This belief leads us to view ourselves and the rest of our reality as fundamentally flawed and broken.

Separation consciousness leads us to experience what feels like a screwed up world. It is easy to find reasons to feel fearful, resentful, disappointed, disillusioned, angry and generally at odds with others. There seems to be no shortage of things to dislike.

We find things wrong with life because we project a belief of essential inadequacy out onto the world. Unwilling to truly recognize and accept our own divine nature, we are unable to see the essential divinity of all existence. Enmeshed in the self-perpetuated myth of our broken makeup, we find conflict within ourselves as well. We wrestle with our thoughts and emotions and wonder why there is so much disharmony around us. This is the essence of separation consciousness.

We can shift our experience of reality into connection consciousness—the belief that we and all of existence is united in and by divine loving consciousness—when we are willing accept that everything and everyone is interconnected and perfect: the sharing. As with any change of importance, it must begin within us. We have to believe in our own divine nature in order to see perfection in the rest of the world.

If we are divine and perfect, there is no actual disharmony within us. There are merely various aspects of our one true divine nature, all of which are valid and perfect. When we learn to honor and respect all aspects of ourselves, we feel more harmony within. Being in agreement within, we will project that agreement out onto the world. Yes, that’s right—world peace begins within.

Let’s spend a few minutes with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore how to find harmony within ourselves. We will begin with our breath, focusing on it and letting it slow down and become gentle and even. As we do so, we will picture our sharing within as a globe of golden light in the center of our chest.

Inhaling, we consciously forge connection with the sharing and feed the light. Exhaling, we bless ourselves and our surroundings with the light. We will continue until we feel easy, calm, and centered—in conscious contact with our sharing within.

We will think of one situation or decision that creates conflict within us, and ask our sharing within to help us gain a fresh and harmonious perspective. Perhaps part of us wants to lose weight, and part of us doesn’t want to cut back on consumption. Perhaps part of us wants to sever ties with a difficult friend, while another part feels he or she is struggling and may need support. Perhaps part of us desires a job change, but we are also afraid to make the change.

We will fill our heart with golden light and breathe it out consciously into the situation and the conflicted portions of ourselves. We’ll remind ourselves the disagreeing parts of ourselves and not separate; they’re part of us—one being. They merely represent alternatives.

We also know that as one being of diverse parts, we are part of a greater whole—the sharing—and we have access to all the resources of creation in resolving the situation. We simply need to honor the conflicting parts of ourselves and the input of the sharing calmly, and a resolution will reveal itself when we are ready to accept it.

Perhaps we’ll see that we can start by eating a healthy, balanced diet, making our calories count in the support and nutrition of our physical body. Perhaps we will understand that we can detach from our friend’s drama, while still expressing confidence in his or her ability to prosper. Perhaps we will be able to sort through our fears of job change to find what is false and what is realistic, so a beneficial choice becomes readily apparent.

When we release the conflict within us, with the help of our divine connection, the right course of action will be clear for us to see. We know too, that this model of conflict resolution is true for us and others, as well. When we are willing to listen and receive assistance from others neutrally, we can release any illusion of separation. We are all connected, part of a loving and divine whole. This essential love can resolve any and all difficulties.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what conflict within yourself are you willing to release now? Please share…