Free your fun

Preventing things is much less fun than freeing up possibilities.


We all can think of things we don’t want to happen. Our fears and worries create a nearly endless list of things we’d like not to occur. Car accidents, illnesses, personal conflicts, financial setbacks—we fret and try to avoid the unwanted. We often spend considerable energy on preventing things from taking place.

We probably place far less focus on what we want to allow or permit. Creating opportunities, releasing inner barriers, expanding our ability to visualize, opening up to receive the bounty of the universe—we seldom think about how we might facilitate expanded possibilities for ourselves. Yet this is the simplest and easiest way to generate more fun in our lives.

When we are in prevention mode, we are enmeshed in separation consciousness: the idea that we and all other beings and things are separate from each other and from the divine. This idea turns us and everyone and everything else—in our perception— into flawed pieces in a confusing and dangerous life puzzle. We experience loneliness, anger, resentment, disappointment, lack, fear, and unhappiness as a result.

When we are in potentiation mode—focused  intent together with the unlimited bounty of existence—we perceive from connection consciousness: the belief that we and all of creation are connected in divine loving consciousness: the sharing. Experiencing life via connection consciousness brings us shared meaningful interactions, peace, appreciation, satisfaction, expansion, love, and happiness.

We get to choose how we wish life to be. Every moment offers the option to expand or contract our perception of existence. If we don’t care for what is going on at any time, we are free to experience it differently. We can either bemoan a picnic ruined by rain or dance crazily in mud puddles and sing. We get to choose.

Let’s spend a few minutes in conscious connection with the shared divinity inside of us—our sharing within—to explore how we might free the fun in our lives. We will start with our breath, allowing it to become deep, gentle, and even, while we picture divinity expressed within us as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest.

Inhalation feeds the light, making it strong and bright. Exhalation distributes light through us, our aura, and surroundings. The light is a representation of conscious love and blesses all it touches. We will continue until we feel steady, calm, and focused—in conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will think of one thing we fear might occur today. Perhaps we will be meeting an individual with whom we usually are at odds. We’ll quickly tick off mentally all the reasons why we believe we will conflict with them. Perhaps we fear we’ll lose our temper (we are flawed); perhaps we see him or her as rude and self-centered (he or she is flawed); perhaps life always seems to disappoint us (existence is flawed). It is quickly apparent that our fear traps us in separation consciousness.

Next we will focus on something pleasant happening right now. Perhaps we enjoy petting our dog. We will place our awareness fully in appreciation, summoning up intense gratitude for a simple but totally pleasurable sensation. We love the dog (we are connected); the dog loves us back (we are connected); life has the potential to offer many other pleasurable experiences (we and all life are connected). It’s easy to see how connection consciousness can string together a series of mindfully appreciated nows into a fun and beautiful life.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what do you enjoy in this moment? Please share…