Today I had animal communication conversations with two separate animals about death. One was a dog who had gotten loose overnight in very cold winter weather. The other was a cat with medical issues and who recently needed to be rehomed from her beloved human and doesn’t want to be medicated or handled.

Often our first impulse is that the best thing we can do for an animal is preserve their life at all costs. After all, life is precious, right?

This viewpoint is theoretical. It doesn’t factor in quality of life. Perhaps sometimes it is better to pass onto another state of being, releasing from a problematic physical body into a more spiritual state of being.

If one doesn’t believe in existence after death, this won’t resonate. But if one believes in an afterlife or reincarnation, death isn’t an end but merely a transition from one phase to another.

Aside from our own physical death, we also experience endings many times in our lives. Failed relationships, job or career changes, lost loved ones and pets, residence changes, major financial shifts. Each of these alterations is potentially stressful and grief-inducing. But each also holds the promise of something new and different.

Today’s message invites me to view transitions in a more positive light. When I look for potential rather than loss, I may find transitions easier to handle.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about transitions?