Lighten up your beliefs, free yourself

Putrefying masses accelerate decomposition by intentionally generating biochemical heat. You can accelerate transformation of unwanted beliefs and thoughts by intentionally generating spiritual light.


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Sometimes it’s a challenge to alter our behavior. We want to change; we know we “should” change. But long-term shift somehow seems to elude us.

We may do well at altering our behavior for a bit. It even may seem we’ve successfully established a new habit. Yet somehow we find ourselves back doing the same old thing. The change doesn’t seem to stick, despite our best efforts.

This difficulty occurs, in part, because we are trying to alter the effect rather than the cause. We attempt to shift the behavior instead of the beliefs and thoughts which underlie it.

Everything starts with beliefs. In our third-dimensional world, the prevailing belief is separation consciousness—the concept that we and parts of creation are separate from each other and from the divine. This underlying worldview leads us to thoughts of unworthiness, incompletion, lack, flaws, and judgment. These thoughts shape our perceived world, so that we experience loneliness, dissatisfaction, resentment, fear, loss, and alienation. Life in separation consciousness is not fun.

The spiritual path for third-dimensional existence is connection consciousness—the belief that we and all creation are indivisibly interconnected in divine loving consciousness. There is one thing (the sharing); it is all of us, and we are love.

Whether we choose to experience in separation consciousness or in connection consciousness, the principle remains the same. Our basic beliefs about life drive our thoughts, which in turn generate our behaviors and experiences.

Belief in our own inherent divinity and in the interconnection of all creation will generate thoughts of love, appreciation, gratitude, fearlessness, and acceptance. These thoughts will lead us to experience happiness, satisfaction, completion, and oneness. Life in connection consciousness is fun!

Connection consciousness sounds like a vast improvement over separation consciousness. How do we get ourselves there? How do we alter our beliefs and thoughts to help us change behaviors? We can leverage the light of our own inner divinity to facilitate the shift.

We begin by focusing on our breath. We’ll relax the pattern of our inhalations and exhalations until they are steady, regular, and slow. As we do so, we’ll picture our inner divinity—our sharing within–as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest.

Inhaling, we will see the light building and becoming tangible and bright.  Exhaling, we will see the light spreading our through our body and our surroundings. We’ll continue until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within, evidenced by a feeling of calm, serenity, and sureness.

We’ll think of a behavior we wish to change, one which has resisted our best efforts at alteration. Perhaps we have a tendency to make sarcastic comments; perhaps we judge others consistently; or perhaps we tend to sabotage our own successes. Whatever we choose is perfect for the purpose of our reflection.

We will ask our sharing within to shed light on our behavior, so we might understand and alter the underlying belief and thoughts. Perhaps we believe that we and all creation are essentially flawed. Perhaps we believe we are broken and deficient, and so others must be too. Perhaps we believe we are by nature incomplete and therefore unworthy. Whatever we hear or are shown, we will trust that the information is accurate and helpful for us.

We’ll ask our sharing within to help us see ourselves and life as the sharing sees it—perfect, divine, and beautiful. We will breathe loving light from our sharing within to surround the undesired belief. We’ll continue to breathe golden heart light into the belief until we sense it ease, loosen, and eventually dissipate.

We will choose a new belief to replace it, one that honors our intrinsic divinity and connection in the sharing. Perhaps we now choose to believe that all of existence is sacred, whole, and blessed. We will encode this new belief into our breath, and let pour out in golden light that washes ourselves, our surroundings, and all of creation. As we do so we’ll note how our thoughts shift naturally to align with this new belief. All creation is beautiful and perfect, and by extension, so are we. Life is a joyful exploration of this truth.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how have your thoughts been enlightened? Please share…

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