And the truth will set you free

Applying truth to any situation is a measure of willingness to be free of an outcome.


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When faced with a situation we see as problematic, we often have a desired endpoint in mind. We know how we want things to work out, and we view the eventual end result as either good or bad, depending on how closely it matches our wishes. We believe we know what is best.

We have sized up the situation and made a value judgment, in advance, about possible outcomes. This evaluation is based on our perception of the problem, which in turn comes from our view of past experiences. Our outlook on the past is grounded in our prevailing thought patterns, which often are based in separation consciousness—the illusion that we are separate from divinity and everyone and everything in creation, too.

Belief in separation tends to make us suspicious and apprehensive. We think we live in a world full of untrustworthy individuals and dangerous situations and things. We feel we need to monitor and control things to help ensure a beneficial outcome. We don’t believe that issues will resolve themselves for our ultimate good without our management. All too often, our fear and grasping lead to us manifest the end result we wish to avoid.

When we are willing to acknowledge the divine truth that we are inherently connected with all existence—the sharing—we open our minds and expand our possibilities. In trusting that all occurrences are for our eventual benefit, we allow the universe to be creative in fulfilling our needs. We have no predetermined outcome in mind, and therefore free ourselves from the worry and machinations of trying to control results.

Freedom from a posited best outcome also helps us to enjoy whatever occurs more fully. We liberate ourselves to appreciate each moment as it occurs. This is the joyful life made possible by the truth of divine interconnection.

Let’s take a few moments to connect consciously with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore the truth our interconnection reveals. We will start by take a slow breath in and out, releasing cares and concerns as we exhale. We will picture our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our chest. Each following breath will become slow, steady, and even, as we see the light get bright as we inhale, and circulate through us and our surroundings as we exhale. Each time we inhale and exhale our heart light, we will feel progressively calmer and more relaxed. When a sense of peace and certainty fills us, we will know we’ve achieved conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next, we will think of a troublesome situation in our lives right now. Perhaps there is strife between members of our family. Perhaps we are having difficulty making an important decision. Perhaps our finances are strained. We’ll choose the first situation which occurs to us, trusting it is perfect for the purpose of this exploration.

We will think of the problem and breathe golden heart light into it, and ask our sharing within to free us from our preconceived notions. As we do so, we’ll express our willingness to see the situation in the light of divine truth. We will continue breathing the golden light and watch as our perceptions of the scenario and our desired outcome release and evaporate. In the light of truth, our troublesome situation now will look very different.

Perhaps the tension among our family members is creating a needed realignment and altered balance in their relationship. When we no longer feel we need to judge or alleviate the conflict between them, we are free to trust in their ability to create harmony, without our interference. We now can observe and perhaps even find amusement in the process.

Perhaps our struggle to make a difficult choice is teaching us much about our values and thought processes. We may find that we are afraid of the decision because we don’t trust our inherent wisdom. We may learn that how and why we make our determination is more significant than our actual choice. When we recognize that there are no mistakes—only options—we free ourselves to make decisions based on what brings us joy.

Perhaps our financial circumstances are showing us how to be more resourceful and creative. We may find that making choices about how to spend and conserve money teaches us about our values—what we truly believe to be important. Money is a great way for the universe to draw our attention to the underlying beliefs we hold about how life works. When we recognize how our thought patterns affect our finances, we liberate ourselves on many levels in addition to the monetary.

Finally, we’ll breathe light and gratitude into our new-found understanding. We are thankful to our sharing within for helping us learn more about ourselves and the true nature of existence, through our perceived difficulties. The outcome now is less important than the wisdom we’ve recognized. Divine truth has freed us.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how has the truth set you free? Please share…