Choose to change for the better

Energetic choices make permanent habits.  Choose with care.


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Often we want to change ourselves, but don’t know how to make it stick. Usually it isn’t too hard to start a new diet or exercise program, begin a course of learning, or ease off on an undesired habit. It’s continuing on with the change that can prove difficult. We often lose ambition or inner fortitude, and the more permanent alteration we wish for eludes us.

We struggle with the change and with ourselves. We dislike ourselves when we don’t adhere to the new regimen. Our personal disappointment just seems to add to our resistance. It all seems so difficult.

Frequently, our heart and mind may be at odds regarding the change. We want to lose weight, but we really like eating potato chips. We want a new professional degree, but all the studying and class work seems tiresome and time consuming. We know we should quit swearing, but secretly enjoy uttering a strong expletive. We seesaw between trying to alter ourselves and reverting to our previous behavior.

In all the back and forth, we lose sight of the fact that we don’t have to make the change alone. We forget that we have help—divine help—right inside of ourselves. A piece of divine consciousness known as the sharing within resides within us and we can call on all the resources of the entire universe (aka the sharing), through our sharing within, to help us.

Our sharing within is our inner divine wisdom, guide, and teacher. It can help us understand whether a proposed change is truly good for us, how and why we might resist that change, and what to do to get all parts of ourselves on board with the change. It can help us be more coherent and consistent in our efforts, virtually ensuring our success. We don’t have to change all on our own. We can ask our sharing within to invoke universal energy to smooth our way, help eliminate our resistance, and increase our joy and fortitude on the path. Together with our sharing within, we can make a positive energetic choice.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with our sharing within, so we understand how this might work. We’ll begin by relaxing our breathing until it become slow, gentle, and even. We will picture our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our chest. When we inhale, the light becomes strong, steady, and bright. When we exhale, the golden light flows through and around us, washing over us and our surroundings. We will continue this visualization until we feel even, peaceful, and relaxed. That will be our signal that we are consciously in touch with our sharing within.

We will think of a change that we wish to make, one that seems a bit challenging. Perhaps we want to stop eating meat. Perhaps we want to lose fifteen pounds. Perhaps we’d like to change careers. If we cringe a little bit at the thought of the change but also feel a bit happily excited, we’ll know it is the one.

We will ask for guidance from our sharing within and relax our body as much as possible. Then we will think of the change and note the bodily sensations we feel. Perhaps we feel tightness in our neck. Perhaps we have difficulty breathing. Perhaps we have a warm, strong feeling in our heart. Perhaps we feel like a weight was lifted from our shoulders.

Now we will ask our sharing within to help us interpret the clues our body gave us. Perhaps the tightness in our neck tells us that there are pride issues (stiff-necked) around the change. Perhaps the breathing difficulty signals that thought of the change makes us feel unsafe. Perhaps the warm glow in our heart shows us that the change is something we truly want. Perhaps the newfound ease in our shoulders is a sign that the change will propel us out of a habit we’ve felt we should maintain. We’ll trust that our sharing within will give us true and valuable input. It will help us understand, through bodily sensation, whether the proposed change is good for us, and how and why we might be resisting.

If are shown the change would be beneficial, but are experiencing partial reluctance, we will ask our sharing within what we need to do to get all parts of ourselves aligned with the new habit. Perhaps we need to let go of an outdated and prideful self image. Perhaps we need to trust more fully in divine providence; we are always safe in divine love. Perhaps we need to release old patterns of obligation and duty. Again, we can be sure that the input from our sharing within is helpful and accurate.

Next, we will ask our sharing within to help us persist in making the change. We will ask for a visualization to use when the going gets tough. Perhaps we see ourselves looking and feeling fit and healthy. Perhaps we see ourselves paying bills, relaxed in the knowledge that abundance is ours. Perhaps we just see a huge, sunny, yellow smiley face. We can be certain that the image we are given will help bolster us in challenging times.

Finally, we will thank our sharing within the understanding, assistance, and support we’ve received. With the backing of the entire universe, we cannot fail.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what positive energetic choice are you ready to make? Please share…