Every day is the Harmonic Concordance

Learn what the Harmonic Concordance is. Recognize it within yourself. Help co-create a world that is in harmony with the divine.


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Precise days, times, and locations aren’t important. Energetic alignment is. But for those of you living in space and time, we’ll make it easier. Concepts will be described in linear and spatial terms.

Living in dimensional structure is a cooperative venture. All of us, regardless of the dimensional level or mode of conscious awareness in which we exist, are involved in an all-encompassing group effort. We all are one in co-creating existence. This is simpler and easier to finesse for those of us who exist in a higher dimension/plane of conscious awareness, because our essential divine connection is more readily apparent to us. For those of us in third-dimensional physical reality, the task is a bit more of a stretch. But all of us are cooperating to generate existence, whether we realize it or not.

Awarenesses at all levels of existence can telepathically connect with each other at will. This is fun and it makes creating together more consciously cooperative. For many of us, this type of communication is as natural to us as breath is to you humans. Challenges arise when this is attempted with or by those in lower dimensional levels or planes of conscious awareness. Humans usually don’t find it easy to share concepts with a rock or a table. Those you term “ascended masters” are challenged in sharing concepts and information with a human, whether on the input or the output. But cross-dimensional communication and sharing of awareness is essential to keep the nature of existence fresh and fun. Anything any of us do, wherever we are dimensionally, to improve cross-dimensional awareness will help make the perfection and beauty of existence more apparent to us all.

In the last few decades, as seen in human terms, there has been an increased willingness by your species—or at least by a growing number of you—to open your hearts and awareness to the concept that everything, including you, embodies divinity. This expansion of willingness created an energetic opening, permitting increased communication and sharing of concepts between the third dimension and other levels of awareness. It generated an opportunity to allow and enlist inhabitants of your planet to become conscious creators and stewards of life.

At higher dimensional levels, awareness is less individuated. More connected and unified consciousness is possible in other dimensions. Planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies are just another way in which humans can view group consciousness. Because this model is easier for humans to understand, we have used it many times to reach out to you, catch your attention, and promote sharing of awareness and concepts. The entire discipline of astrology is based on the truth of the awareness and influence of heavenly bodies and systems.

In your recent past, two of these heavenly events were used to convey a particular message and opportunity. Other such events have and will continue to occur. But we’ll focus on these two. The first event was the implosion of a magnetar called SGR-1900+14 by your scientists. The resulting pulse of intense gamma rays showered a portion of your planet on August 27, 1998.  Encoded within this radiation—don’t think of nuclear radiation and hazard symbols, think of radiant beauty—were incredibly dense amounts of information, personally targeted for each individual consciousness touched by the rays. This download of energetic information was keyed for time release when the individual was ready—think of a self-aware computer upgrade that knows when the operating system needs it.

In the case of Johnny Mirehiel, this download prompted him to scan future astrological charts with a computer program, leading him to recognize a unique upcoming astrological event. In the case of Anne Smith, the download made telepathic communication between us (Anne and Hilarion) easier, as I seeded concepts in her that would prepare her to write the book on which we collaborated, The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human. If you are reading this article, chances are that the radiation also planted an awareness within you which has blossomed or will blossom at precisely the right moment.

But let’s return to Johnny Mirehiel, in front of his computer. We employed the gamma ray radiation to make him aware of and help him to understand the significance of a particular future astrological configuration, as seen from your planet—the conformation of a perfect six-sided star by heavenly bodies, with the planet Earth at its precise center. This configuration was later aptly termed the Harmonic Concordance, and it was used by collaborative higher dimensional awareness to convey the second part of a particular message and opportunity. So the first stage—the burst of radiation from magnetar implosion—enabled discovery and understanding of the second stage—the Harmonic Concordance configuration in the heavens.

The astrological alignment of the Harmonic Accordance was arranged to occur on November 8, 2003, as you measure time. Advance notice of the event was given, to allow time for individuals to understand and prepared to align with the energetic principles contained within the configuration and the heavenly bodies that comprised it. This prior knowledge would help individuals on your planet make the most of the expansive potential of the event.

Johnny Mirehiel already has provided a clear message about the significance of each of the heavenly bodies involved in the Harmonic Concordance: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Chiron, centered around Earth. See the Harmonic Concordance website for these details.. He also has identified the overall intent of the event, which was a three-fold realization. Not surprisingly, these themes are echoed in the book on which Anne Smith and I (Hilarion) collaborated, The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.

A splinter of divine, loving consciousness is housed within us. We have a divine nature.  We share this divine nature with every single aspect of creation. We are all interconnected. No one and nothing is or can be excluded.

The planet Earth is a group awareness that nurtures and shelters all part of itself, including you. Just as it is important to recognize the divinity that resides in your body and to cherish and nourish all parts of yourself—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—it is important to acknowledge that humans are part of a divine group planetary body.  They will feel healthier, happier, and more spiritually connected when they treat their planetary body with love, respect, and gratitude.

Let’s revert to my original statement: precise days, dates, and locations aren’t important. The meaning of the Harmonic Concordance is timeless. Those of us, across dimensions, who collaborated in sharing this message and opportunity with you merely chose optimal physical heavenly events as delivery mechanisms. The encoded message remains just as fresh and relevant today as it was on the date the astrological configuration was discovered and on the day of the heavenly alignment itself.

All conscious spiritual expansion boils down to this: We are part of a divine whole. Divinity is encoded in everything that exists. Thinking, speaking/communicating, and acting accordingly will help make us and all of existence feel happier, freer, healthier, and more fulfilled. When we do this, we live in Harmonic Concordance.

The tenth anniversary of the heavenly alignment is an opportunity for humans to remind themselves of that truth and to reinforce it in their personal awareness. Those of us who helped arrange the astrological alignment ask that you join together with others—as we did when we created it—to consciously align with the energy encoded in the precise configuration. Just as the planet Earth was at the center of the astrological alignment of the Harmonic Concordance, your awareness is at the center of the spiritual Harmonic Concordance. It resides within you. I (Hilarion) will be providing Anne with a meditation to share with you, which can be used in group tenth anniversary celebrations to consciously recognize the Harmonic Concordance alignment within and to help project it outward into all creation, including your planet, Earth.

This meditation also can be used individually at any time, to realign your perceptual awareness with the realizations encoded in the astrological alignment. The beauty and truth the Harmonic Concordance revealed is the path to spiritual freedom. Its message is always relevant. You can consciously co-create the Harmonic Concordance each moment of your life, by honoring its guiding principles.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how will you be celebrating the anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance? Please share…