Be prepared by releasing expectations

Prepare yourself for something and you already have scripted it, based on your fears and expectations. You have left no room for joyful surprises. The best preparation is an open mind.


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How many times have we heard this advice? “Be prepared.” Taking a test, interviewing for a job, meeting financial expectations—there are so many ways we feel we the need to be at our best in everyday life. We try to brush up our skill sets, memorize needed information, save money, and more. We want to be ready to meet life’s challenges.

With our activity and preparation, we are setting a focus and intent. We hope to anticipate and prevent anything that might go wrong. We also want to do as much as possible to ensure success. We’ve begun to visualize how the event might play out and have started to create it, based on what we want to avoid and what we wish to have happen.

We usually forget to leave room for the power of serendipity. We lose sight of the fact that the universe (aka the sharing) wants to give us exactly what we most need. Sometimes what we need may not be what we think we want. However, sometimes it also may far exceed our expectations. The trick is that we don’t want to script events too tightly. It is helpful to allow the sharing some elbow room to be inventive on our behalf. We want to make the basic needed preparations—study for the test, show up for the interview on time and appropriately dressed, save some money regularly—and cheerfully consign the rest to the divine.

We aren’t alone in life. We have the bounty of the entire universe conspiring to give us what we need. When we trust in divine providence, we not only are setting a positive mindset, we also are relinquishing control over the outcome. This frees us to worry less and enjoy life as it unfolds. We are open to enjoy whatever life serves up to us.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to see how we might allow the universe to pleasantly surprise us. We will start by relaxing our breathing pattern. Our breath will become slow, deep, and even. We’ll also picture our sharing within as a ball of golden light in the middle of our chest. When we inhale, the light grows strong and bright. When we exhale, the light courses throughout our entire body and into our surroundings. We’ll maintain the gentle breathing and light visualization until we feel calm, complete, and steady. This is our signal of conscious connection with our sharing within.

From this connected consciousness we will think of an upcoming event, one that is important to us and about which we feel a bit nervous. Perhaps we have an interview for a job we really want. We will create a bubble of golden light from our heart and picture it in front of us. We will picture the bare bones of the event—sitting at a desk and having the interview—without very much detail. We’ll place our visualization of the event inside of the bubble.

We’ll picture ourselves saying “I never imagined this could turn out so perfectly.” We will let ourselves feel completely happy and deeply grateful for what is about to occur. We’ll laugh out loud and perhaps even hum a few bars of our favorite song.

From this place of playfulness and gratitude, we will blow a few breaths of golden heart light into the bubble and around and through the event. Then we’ll say to our sharing within, “Thank you for handling this for me. I’m ready and willing to enjoy whatever happens.” We’ll take one more really deep breath and use it to fill and pop the bubble. Life is about to give us a perfect surprise and we are ready to be wowed.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what anticipated event are you willing to unleash from your expectations? Please share…