Peace and love.

Peace and love—it’s a saying from the 1960’s. We may associate it with long hair, tie dye, and beads. While all that is true, there is something deeper going on as well.

We find ourselves currently in a time of seemingly increased conflict. We’re at war in various locations on the planet. We also have strong ideological and political differences. Although all that has always been true in the past, somehow now things seem more polarized.

While peace and love are certainly appealing, we may view them as a naive pipedream, something we long for but will probably never experience in our lifetime.

Even though that may be true on a larger scale, it doesn’t have to be true for us on a personal level. We can make it our mission to create peace and love in and around us.

We will bless ourselves and those we connect with. Perhaps the effect will even spread. In this way, we make small but important changes.

Today’s message advises me of the importance of generating peace and love in my life. I will be happier and freer when I do so and those around me will benefit as well.

Please reflect and share. How might you create peace and love in your life?