Unseen support

Sometimes what we want to achieve may seem difficult if not impossible. Our goal may feel far outside of our reach, or we may feel we’re not capable of attaining it on our own.

This can lead to a crisis of self-confidence, possibly resulting in us giving up on our dream. We may choose to end or effort rather than being forced to face failure in the future.

This is when it helps to remember that we’re not alone in our undertakings. As part of a divinely interconnected whole, nothing we ever do is in a vacuum. We’re always capable of drawing on the resources of Creation as a whole to assist us.

More than that, Creation has our back even when we do not ask or look for help. We’re getting help from unseen places whether or not we realize it.

Today’s message reminds me that help from Creation is always flowing to me and my dreams. I am grateful for the support and assistance I’m not aware of receiving!

Please reflect and share. Do you believe Creation has your back?