Nothing is unfixable

We all are occasionally stuck in situations we don’t like. It may appear that there is no way to make things better. We can become hopeless or resigned to what is.

And yes, it is possible that the outside circumstances may not alter. We might have to live with events as they are.

But we don’t have to live with our perceptions and reactions as they are. We can choose to look at a situation differently. We can decide we want to react calmly rather than having an emotional outburst. We get to elect the spin we place on what is.

And because our thoughts help us manifest things into reality, when we choose to think differently about what is, we make it more possible to have an eventual positive outcome. Our acceptance, in a hopeful light, can make things better.

Today’s message reminds me that there is always a way to improve any situation. That may just mean a change in me, but that still can make things much better.

Please reflect and share. Is there any situation you would consider to be hopeless? If yes, why?