You are love(d)

Sometimes we may feel like no one cares. When things are difficult, we may even feel we don’t care about ourselves.

This state can feel hurtful and lonely. We likely know it isn’t healthy, but may not quite know how to get out of it.

We can remind ourselves that we’re intrinsically connected to everyone and everything in the divine whole of Creation. And Creation is conscious love. So, we must be as well.

Not only are we love, but we are also naturally loved by design by virtue of our interconnection in the divine. So, we are both love and loved.

If we’re still not feeling it, we can start by taking some loving actions toward ourselves. Self-care, of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves is a great place to begin. We can eat something healthy, exercise, repeat a positive affirmation about ourselves, de-stress with deep breathing or meditation, and connect with the divine in whatever way works for us.

Then we can reaffirm our divine interconnection by being loving to someone and something else. Kind words to a stranger, a phone call or lunch date with a friend who is struggling, grooming or walking our pet, reading to our child, tending our garden, feeding the birds—these are a few of the ways we can spread love and caring outside of ourselves.

When we love ourselves and the rest of creation, we will feel the love we express and also feel the love that returns to us. By caring, we can more easily recognize when others care for us. We can escape loneliness by recognizing we both love and are loved.

Today’s message reminds me it is good to express love to myself and others. I am love and I am loved. Life is good!

Please reflect and share. Do you feel loved and loving?