Focused effort.

We all want a variety of things, some more important to us than others. Each of our wish lists is likely unique, but we all likely have one.

We probably work hard most days, striving to get through the day and hopefully toward what we want. But our bigger goals may seem to elude us.

As human beings, we’re likely complicated creatures. We want certain things, probably ASAP, and we may or may not consciously recognize that some of our goals compete with each other.

Our desire for longer-term financial stability may not be supported by a wish for a fancier new car. We may not be able to save for our children’s education and spend lavishly on devices, entertainment, and clothing for them, too.

A reality check of what goals are most important to our happiness and well-being may help us allot our time and resources most effectively. When we place the majority of our effort toward our most impactful goals, we’re far more likely to achieve them.

Today’s message reminds me to keep my eyes of the prize. When I focus my effort toward my dreams, I’ll be happier and more fulfilled all along the way.

Please reflect and share. Do you have a good idea of where you spend most of your effort and resources?