Things go better with gratitude.

Some days we feel blessed. Others perhaps not so much. We may think of them as good luck or bad luck days.

On the good days, it can seem that everything goes out way. Our days may feel charmed and a richness of good things appears to surround us.

On the bad days, nothing may seem to go right. The day can seem to progress from bad to worse. We don’t seem to have anything we need to be well and happy.

And yet, likely nothing about the general, basic circumstances of our lives has changed. We probably have a roof over our heads, aren’t in imminent danger, and have enough to eat and drink. In all likelihood, we have much more besides.

The difference between good days and bad days may largely be how we perceive them. Our attitude shapes our experience.

Today’s message reminds me that gratitude is the great lubricant. Everything is easier and blessings flow more readily when I am grateful. Thankfulness for life events large or small puts me in the mindset of happiness.

Please reflect and share. How does gratitude affect your experience?