There when you need it.

We all encounter doubt from time to time, especially around abundance. And when many of us think of abundance, we think of money.

We may be facing a short-term cash flow problem. Or we may have larger long-term financial needs and wonder how we’ll be able to meet them.

The uncertainty and fear can make us distinctly uncomfortable. And they can shift our personal energy in a negative way, which may cause us to attract exactly what we don’t want.

Keeping calm and trusting in the benevolence of Creation will help us attract what we do need and want. That said, we’re part of Creation so we also need to do our part.

If we’re concerned about a funds shortage, we can make responsible choices. We can avoid unnecessary or extravagant spending. We can keep an eye out for bona fide income opportunities. And we can manage and budget what funds we do have thoughtfully.

Today’s message reminds me that I will always have enough. Creation will see to this, when I’m willing to help myself, too.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when you’re concerned about having enough?