Grow yourself a dream.

All of likely have times when we feel a bit adrift. We may be coasting along in life, perhaps with no firm destination in mind.

This state may leave us feeling a bit unsure We may not know what to do other than sort of bumble along.

Shorter term uncertainty can actually be useful. It allows us time to review our lives to see what is or isn’t working for us.

But when the uncertainty persists longer, it may be time for us to give ourselves a focus. Why not imagine a dream for ourselves in rich and vivid detail?

We can make a vision board or do regular visualization sessions. Having a dream gives our creative energy a focus and offers a sense of purpose. Achieving small steps toward my goal gives me regular dopamine releases too, which makes it all more pleasurable.

Today’s message indicates that a juicy dream might just spice up my life a bit. When I have a dream to grow toward, I’m happier.

Please reflect and share. What dream might you conjure up for yourself?