Persevere when it matters.

Sometimes we don’t know whether or not to give up. We may be struggling with an individual, situation, or undertaking. This may have been an effort, and we may be questioning whether or not to go on.

Some of us—and I’m guilty of this—may persist simply out of sheer stubbornness. Or we may feel we have to go on because of others’ expectations.

The best time to persevere and probably the most important time is when the issue at hand truly matters to us. Not to others or society’s way of thinking, but to us and our hopes, dreams, and values.

If we would feel strong regret at giving up, perhaps it’s not time to do so. It is true that sometimes we need to cut our losses. But if letting something go might leave us wondering “what if” in the future, we might want to persevere.

Today’s message reminds me to use my perseverance wisely. I can’t put my utmost efforts into every undertaking. I’ll want to save my best mojo for things that really matter to me.

Please reflect and share. Are you reluctant to give up on things? Or do you let go too easily?