Trust yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to be confident. We may have had setbacks; we may have others naysaying us; we may have self-worth issues. But for whatever reason, we doubt in our abilities.

When we question ourselves, it’s the most damaging kind of disbelief. Our own negative opinions of ourselves are always with us. We can’t outrun them and they can be difficult to turn off.

We are the one constant physical presence in our lives. We’re always there and our thoughts and beliefs are always present. Our self-image in the most impactful thing in our lives.

If we can give ourselves one gift this season, it would be to trust ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we made mistakes. If we want to, we can and will do better.

We may have had problems, but with belief and persistence we can overcome them. What others believe about us doesn’t matter. What we believe about ourselves most definitely does.

When we trust ourselves, we are affirming the divine wisdom of Creation. Creation sees us as worthy, perfect, and capable of wondrous things. Who are we to second guess divine power?

Today’s message invites me to trust myself yet more deeply. When I’m confident in my worth and abilities, life is smoother and happier.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust yourself?