Affirm: I am worthy.

Some of us practice affirmations. We understand that retraining our thoughts helps us create a life more in line with our desires.

Sometimes these affirmations concern the world around us. “Prosperity is mine.” “People enjoy my company.” “Good things always come my way.”

More often, the affirmations may be about ourselves. “I am healthy and fit.” “I enjoy exercising and eating healthily.” “I am calm and poised at all times.”

But we may forget to use affirmations to support one very basic assumption, that of our own intrinsic worth.

In our drive to improve ourselves and our lives, we may have the underlying understanding that somehow we’re incomplete or broken, that we need to be fixed. And if we’re trying to build a good life on a foundation we believe to be shattered, we won’t be as successful as we might hope.

So, let’s try this together. Say it aloud: “I am worthy.” How does that feel? Does it seem unreal, or inauthentic? Does it feel right deep down in your bones? The less it feels right, the more we need to repeat it.

Try saying it again once more with feeling and conviction: “I am worthy.” Does it feel any different to you? How many times do you need to repeat it before you feel a slight shift? That’s a good starting point for a daily practice. Continue each day until you reach the point that the affirmation feels right with one repetition.

Today’s message reminds me that as an inherently interconnected part of a divine whole, it’s impossible for me to be anything other than worthy. When I believe this truth, it is far easier for me to attract bounty, grace, and goodness in my life.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel worthy?