Money is about trust.

Many of us visualize to help manifest things we want in our lives. When asked, we commonly might say we want more abundance, specifically more money in our lives.

Money is an interesting thing. It started out as a commonly accepted form of barter, items that had an agreed upon value. It might have been coins made of precious metal, spices, gemstones, sugar loaves, seeds, and such.

With time, money evolved to be representational. Hence paper money, bit coin, stock shares and the like. With the evolution of money, the physical or digital currencies had no actual value—unlike gold coins—but they had a consensus value. We trusted that these currencies would have a defined amount of purchasing or trading power.

When we as a society lose confidence in a currency, its value tends to drop. Belief is required to support a currency’s value.

A similar principle is in play with our own finances. Belief and trust in our personal abundance—whether it be financial abundance, relationship abundance, or health abundance—is vital to keeping our abundance level high.

When we worry about our finances, our health, or our relationship stability, we undermine the trust required to support our abundance. Negative what ifs erode the basis of our abundance.

This makes trust an essential component of our financial well-being. We need to trust that we’re worthy of having abundance, trust that Creation will continue to help support us financially, trust that we’re making good decisions to manage our finances, trust that we will always have enough.

Today’s message suggests that increased trust will help me feel more financially abundant. Where attention goes, energy flows. Trusting I will always have enough helps make it so.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust in your financial abundance?