It’s all working out

Sometimes our lives can feel messy. Things occur that don’t make sense to us, leaving us feel confused.

The nature of life is flow, which implies some ongoing chaos. Life won’t allow itself to be organized or regimented. So, we need to be a bit flexible, as situations shift around us.

We also need to take into account that half-baked scenarios may seem a little flat and mushy in the middle. Often, we can’t see or understand progress until it is nearly complete.

This is where hope and trust come in. We hope for the best and trust that things will sort themselves out to our liking. And if we practice visualization, we clearly visualize them doing so, while holding strong positive and grateful feelings.

Today’s message reminds me that gratitude in advance is a powerful stance. It brings me inner stability, hope, and confidence. It reminds me that life is always changing and is always good.

Please reflect and share. Do you have confidence that a messy situation in your life will work out just fine?