Keep your power focused.

It’s easy to become distracted. We’re busy, we try to do many things at once, and social media pulls us in an away from what’s going on in and around us. Worrying and what ifs can further diffuse our attention.

When we’re mentally distracted, our ability to visualize and accomplish things is diluted. Often, what we really want may be the last thing we’re thinking about or working toward. We direct our mojo away from our dreams.

When we keep a significant portion of our energy and attention focused on what is good right now and what we desire, our ability to cocreate is strengthened. We have more power for good when we keep our attention focused.

Today’s message invites me to keep a tighter focus on my attention. When I hold firmly to positive vibes and visions of what I do want, my power is directed toward my dreams.

Please reflect and share. How do you keep your power focused?