Invest in balanced relationships.

Nothing makes us happier than loving someone or something. When we offer our love freely, our hearts are open.

This opening also allows us to receive freely of the bounty of creation. In giving freely, we also increase our capacity to receive.

In relationships of more consequence to us, we’ll also want to maintain balance. Over time, we and the other individual should be equally involved in a loving give and take.

That’s not to say one individual might not need more in given circumstances. But over the course of the relationship, these scenarios should roughly balance out.

If our relationships are imbalanced, we risk losing our self-respect. We may also feel resentful of someone who regularly takes from us without similar return. Both circumstances will lead to an unhealthy personal dynamic.

Today’s message reminds me that I will be happiest when I love freely. It also advises me to maintain balanced relationships. When I respect myself in expressing my love, I am happier and healthier.

Please reflect and share. Do you tend to love in balanced relationships?