Sharing multiplies abundance.

The time around the Thanksgiving holiday has us focused on abundance. Some of us may be thinking about what we have and feeling grateful. Others of us may struggle with the holiday. We may feel lonely, dispirited, or lacking.

There is one dandy way to increase our gratitude for whatever abundance is present in our lives: sharing. That might be celebrating with a family meal together. Or it could be a charitable donation to a cause near and dear to us. Or it could be enjoying a simple experience with someone—a favorite song, a splendid sunset, a walk with our dog.

Somehow sharing something makes it more intense for us. The connection with another enhances the experience. Abundance shared is abundance multiplied.

Today’s message encourages me to think about what I might share with others. In sharing abundance and enjoyment with others, I enhance the experience for all of us.

Please reflect and share. What might you enjoy sharing with others?